Juice CleanseThe iJuice Cleanse is NOT a fast. It is a completely safe and natural way to give your body the necessary nutrients while at the same time giving your digestive system a much needed and deserved break. Imagine how you get when you haven’t taken a vacation in years. Your digestive system gets cranky and moody too, but in lieu of a trip to Bali, your body needs a few days on Vegetable Island.

The iJuice Cleanse is like your body’s vacation in a bottle. It was created to provide your body with enough nutrients, but with minimal calories. The delicious drink formulas are specifically designed to rid your body of a toxic buildup in the organs, digestive tract, and even in the skin. Over time our bodies compile foreign chemicals and heavy metals – these come from our food, our environment and our skincare products. However, even our own cells produce toxins that are not disposed of properly when our systems are not fully functioning because of toxic buildup.

The iJuice Cleanse is…

A simple and natural way to flood your body with more vitamins and nutrients in a single day than you would normally consume in an entire month.

A path to healthier eating habits, less sugar and processed food cravings which in the future may lead to weight loss and an overall positive well-being.

A delicious blend of approximately 15 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables that will help promote clearer skin and increased energy levels.

Designed to reset your system back to its natural state, flushing out toxins, and creating a clean slate from which to start building a healthier and happier YOU!

So Why Cleanse?

If any of the above symptoms are screaming out for your help, it’s time to reset your body’s natural ability to heal itself and try the iJuice Cleanse.
Our Cleanse has one main goal – to gently help your body eliminate toxins and rebalance your entire system. That’s a pretty big task for a Cleanse program, but our bodies need a little help to kick start the flushing of our system and so the iJuice Cleanse becomes your body’s best friend. The fresh fruits and vegetables have all the enzymes that our bodies need to replenish the supply that is usually taken from our organs in order to digest most of those daily processed foods that consume our diets.

Need another reason to cleanse? When you cleanse you will notice an almost immediate difference in your skin – soft, glowing and clearer skin.

What Exactly Is The Cleanse?

Welcome to your new fast food! You will get six 16.9oz bottles filled with our unique blends of vegetable and fruit juices AND a delicious vanilla bean nut milk. You will drink one drink about every 2 hours throughout the day in the specified order. You must also drink plenty of water to help your system flush out the toxins. All juices need to be kept refrigerated or in a cooler bag at all times. We provide our signature cooler bag for free so your drinks stay chilly while you travel. Try to keep what you need with you and the rest in your refrigerator.

How is the Cleanse shipped?

Commercial destinations next business day delivery by 3:00 or 4:30 p.m respectively. Residential destinations will receive next business day delivery by end of day. For more information on the service provided by our carrier please click here: UPS Next Day Air Saver.

How do I keep the Cleanse bottles cold throughout the day?

Your Cleanse will come with a gratis insulated tote bag with ice bags provided. You can bring your FREE swanky new tote to work with you and show off your new healthy streak. Your bag is a great way to transition your cleanse bottles from place to place, but bottles are best kept cold in a refrigerator whether at home or at work.

iJuiceCafe Cleanse

Drink #1
Your first drink of the day is a blend of delicious vegetables like kale and spinach with a refreshing kick of cucumber, apple and mint. Day One is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to detox your kidneys, liver, pancreas, and blood. It’s a fresh start for your system and already it’s singing “Thank You for this amazing drink!”

Drink #2
You’ll continue your day’s cleanse with a light and delicious trio of pineapple, cucumber and coconut water. The pineapple acts as an anti-inflammatory. Electrolytes are bursting out of the bottle to help you stay hydrated. This will leave your insides feeling happy and clean.

Drink #3
Halfway through! This alkalizing green blend features the Mean Greens: spinach, kale, and parsley. We’ve added lemons as a natural antiseptic to help zap the toxins. This blend will help detoxify and stimulate the antibodies. Snack on some almonds if you need to!

Drink #4
Meet Skinny Lemonade. We’ve blended lemons and cayenne pepper, a little sweet and a little spicy, to give you a refreshing, but very important drink. The cayenne helps bring blood to the surface and allows those toxins to easily leave your body. A NEW you is just around the corner.

Drink #5
You’re almost there! The very last green drink of the day, we made sure was a tasty one. Beets are added to support your liver and add sweetness.

Drink #6
You made it! Your very last drink. We like to refer to it as dessert because it is sweetly flavored with vanilla beans that have anti-nausea and calming properties. Plenty of protein and minerals that aid the lymphatic system in waste elimination make this a perfect, last drink. Congratulations on a successful Cleanse! We hope you feel great!